Cappers Winter Maintenance has kept the car parks, access roads, footpaths and emergency exits of Scotland’s offices, banks, gym’s, industrial estates and retail outlets clear of snow and ice for over 30 years. From our depot in West Lothian we are your local winter solution. We believe we are the most cost effective and reliable gritting and snow clearing provider in Scotland.

We are not a national company, we concentrate solely on the central belt of Scotland which ensures maximum protection for our clients sites. We use the best weather forecasting systems available and complement them with real time people on the ground knowledge. We own all our own equipment and do not rely on sub-contractors.

Our Winter Maintenance Services

Preventive Gritting

Cappers Winter Maintenance specialise in automatic preventative gritting through the night or a previously agreed time. Closely monitoring the Meteo Group’s road surface temperature forecasting and several other weather based factors, we take the guess work and worry away from our clients. We ensure our clients sites under our care are free from ice for the morning arrival of staff and visitors.  Supermarkets, Colleges, Gyms and specialist medical suppliers are amongst our preventative gritting clients. Emergency Proactive Gritting – Outwith our contracted preventative gritting sites, Cappers Winter Maintenance provides emergency one off proactive gritting.

Snow Clearing

Cappers Winter Maintenance has a unique advantage of owning our own fleet of large snow clearing equipment. We dont have to rely on sub-contractors which gives us the best possible control over our snow clearing services. We boast a strong fleet of HGV’s and plough, JCB’s, Tractors, Bobcat’s, Forklifts, and 4×4′s. When real snow comes we shine! In the winter of 2010 we continued to provide a snow clearing service which ensured ALL of our clients remained trading. We don’t only supply a Winter Maintenance Service, we provide complete peace of mind.
It is our business to ensure your facility remains open for trade during the winter period. It is our sole priority to assist you in fulfilling  your obligation to provide a safe site for your staff and visitors. It’s what we do!

Manual Snow Clearing

Cappers experienced manual snow clearing teams provide our clients with vital assistance to clear walkways, emergency exits and specialist surfaces.
We supply manual snow clearing teams to local authorities and businesses throughout Scotland. Our experiences include premier league grass football pitches and stadiums, plastic 3G and 4G pitches, local authority duties including schools and specialist A-List events like Chanel’s Metier d’Arts show at Linlithgow Palace.

Risk Management

Cappers Winter Maintenance will provide you with a complete winter risk management package. Winter risk assessments for your site will be carried out and a comprehensive report will be provided. A safe method of work statement for our services is provided which can stand alone or be incorporated in to your current management system. For more details email

Salt Supplies

Cappers Winter Maintenance can supply you with all your white salt requirements.
With all available for delivery or collection we offer 25 kg bags, 1000 kg bulk bags or multi ton loose loads.

Weather Forecasting

Our contracted clients and partners have access to Cappers various weather forecasting systems. We use these forecasts to ensure maximum protection for our clients facilities. Meteogroup Roadcast forecasting gives our Winter Coordinators the ultimate knowledge to make the key decisions on the treatment of the sites under our care. Armed with this knowledge we take away the worry and guess work from our clients, which allows them to fulfill their obligation in providing a safe site for visitors and staff.

Pre-wetting and Liquid De-icing

The Municipal sector has been using pre wetting and de-icing methods for the last decade, however it has been sorely missing in the private sector. With equipment technology advances and an in depth knowledge of the science and processes, Cappers can offer these services to tackle winter condition.
Pre Wetting uses a brine mix sprayed onto the salt before application to the surface. This allows the salt to stick to the surface and also to act faster than salt alone.

Liquid De-Icing works at lower temperatures and is more environmentally considerate. Liquid De-Icing is sprayed direct to the surface to be treated via spray bar systems fitted to our vehicles. Liquid De-Icing can be used as a preventative solution to stop ice and snow from forming on the surface by stopping the bond from happening. As the liquid absorbs into the surface it can be applied many hours or days before the storm arrives.

Please contact our winter team to discuss in more detail.

How does it work

Once you have signed up to our preventative gritting service, simply sit back and relax… we take over from there. Here is how it works…


Cappers winter co-ordinators monitor short and long-range weather forecasts  to make sure we know what’s coming and when.


If road surface temperatures hit the trigger temperature we notify you via email that we will be carrying out a preventative gritting visit that evening. You will receive the email not later than 4.30pm.


Our winter operatives visit your site through the night between 10pm and 7am and carry out a thorough application of white salt. We always use the correct vehicle and salt quantity for your site.


On completion of the visit an automatic PDA generated email is sent to an email address of your choice. This gives you ultimate peace of mind and reportability of our services.


Your staff and visitors arrive in the morning to a safe ice free facility.


A full visit report including images, times and GPS coordinates of site visits is sent to you by email upon completion.


To ensure our customers get the very best, Cappers use the latest technologies.


Meteo Group Forecasting

Coupled with 24hr visual real time weather updates from our mobile maintenance managers, the meteo group forecasting provides us with extremely accurate site specific weather predictions. We share required information with our clients relating to their site location. This information includes, air temperature, road surface temperature, hoar frost and ice predictions, snow forecasting, rain forecasting and at what time period through the night or day the predictions are likely to occur.


GPRS Tracking

All our gritting and snow clearing vehicles are fitted with Tomtom GPRS tracker systems. This system allows our coordination team to manage the most efficient logistics possible. The Tomtom GPRS system allows us to accurately determine times of arrival to site and the exact areas which have been treated by gritter or snow clearance. Our system keeps the history of site visits indefinitely, which can prove invaluable in insurance claim’s situations. Optional visit alerts can be created to send an email to our clients when our gritter vehicles enters their site which provides ultimate peace of mind.


PDA’s and Software

PDA’s and integrated software gives our Winter Coordinators and clients real time updates on progress of site visits. Visit reporting is made fast and simple to give our clients knowledge and peace of mind.

Nav on dash


New for 2015 Cappers Winter Maintenance are incorporating dashboard mounted cameras to our gritting vehicles. Recording will be used as part of our extensive reporting capabilities for our clients. Recordings will also be used as a training tool to ensure our operatives are constantly improving their skills.

“Continuing our relationship with Cappers was an easy decision to make. It made a huge reduction to my workload knowing that our facilities were always safe and ready for our staff and visitors”

Nicky McLellan – Schuh

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